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SL-Q Computerized Quilting Machine (multi-needle)
SL-Q Computerized Quilting Machine (multi-needle)
1.Automatic function of stop on thread breaking and needle raising.
2.Faster thread cutting and fabric rolling , the production rate is 20% to 50% higher than any other quilting machine in the nation
3.Using common mixed cotton thread as bottom stitch for all patterns
4.Very little distortion for quilting same pattern on different thickness fabric.
5.Adopt pneumatic cutter, thread can be cut very rapidly and uniform
6.Both X and Y axies are driven by high power Panasonic servo motors,max quilting thickness is 50mm.
7.Super X stroke (≤420)can quilt super large pattern.
8.Spacious look with the single unit design.
9.Earliest double independent quilting machine in nation ,(capable single and double independent all round 360ºand 180º.
Product specifications:
Function \ Spec \ type SL-Q Double independent patterns
Size (L * W * H ) 4800×1220×2000(mm)
Weight 3500㎏
Quilting width 2450mm
Total needles 94x3=282
Running speed 750~900 rpm
Production speed 65~165 m/h
Needle type 180/24
Needle arrangement (50.8、76.2、127) (76.2、76.2、152.4)
X movement 420mm
Needle space 25.4mm
Voltage 220V、380V
Length of stitch 3~6mm
Power 3.5KW
Quilting thickness ≤50mm(subject to type foam or fiber used)