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SL-08W Mattress Roll-Packing Machine
SL-08W Mattress Roll-Packing Machine
 The machine is mainly used for compressing sponge mattress and soft materials. This machine adopts relay circuit to control the motor to wrap the mattress after pressing. It can make the mattress the same size after unwrapping. In this way, the mattress can be packing more reliable and good-looking.
   This machine is used to wrap and package the sponge mattress which density less than 22 kg/m3. Contrast the others wrapping machine, this machine have its strong suit as follows:
   1.High efficiency. It only use 35~40 seconds to complete package.
   2.Easy to operate. When you place the mattress and film bag, only press one button, the machine will complete wrap and package. For 5 minutes study, everyone can operate the machine skillful.
   3.Low cost. Every mattress needs only a PU bag which diameter is about 290 mm.
   4.The cubage of the mattress is small after is wrapped, this can reduce the transportation cost.
   5.The whole machine is compact, it’s easy to install and maintenance.
Main technical parameters:
Packing Speed 90~100 pcs/hour
Mattress dimension 2000X1800X200mm(can be custom-made)
Sponge density Less than 22kg/m3(can be custom-made
Exit diameter 275mm(can be custom-made)
the total Power 3.7KW
Outline dimension 4000X2000X1300 mm
Air supply 0.2~0.6Mpa
Weight 1600KG
SL-09W Mattress Roll-Packing Machine