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SL-FA Auto Batching Machine
SL-FA Auto Batching Machine
  Auto batching machine is composed of 8 sets of chemical tanks , 8 sets of metering supplier , 1 set of mixing system , 1 set of cleaning system, 2 sets of mould , and 1 set of computerized controlling system . All the chemicals will be filled by digital . And all the producing process including input , mixing , output & cleaning are automatic . It's easy to make the foam.
Main technical parameters:
Output 1 block /5min
Chemical 8 Groups
Max weight 200kgs
Max speed 1450 rpm
Power 30kw
Machine weight 33036KG
Mould Size L2mXW1.5mXH1.2m
Machine Size L6mXW4mXH3m
SL-FA Auto Batching Machine